Common Rooms

One of the best things to do when you are staying at our Inn is to relax in one of our several common rooms. The Inn has a living room, piano room, den, dining room and sun porch, all of which are tastefully decorated and comfortably appointed. You are welcome and encouraged to spend time in these lovely rooms, whether visiting and sharing stories with other guests, quietly reading a favorite book, displaying your musical talent on the piano, or watching a favorite show or movie on TV. After all, the Inn always has been, is now and hopefully always will be a home.

We have added to the common rooms many works of art that we have collected over the years while living in other parts of the country and traveling around the world. You will see paintings from Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, China, Georgia (the country), Guatemala and Wales; photographs from Louisiana, Maine, Portugal and Spain; clay pottery from Tennessee and Mexico; wood carvings from Guatemala and Ireland; bronze sculptures from California and Tennessee; tapestries from Guatemala; and blown-glass from Washington. We believe that these art works not only enhance the Inn’s appearance, but also shed some light on our background and personalities.

We are long-time, enthusiastic supporters of Maine artists and artisans. We are particularly fond of the heirloom-quality wood furniture handcrafted by Thos. Moser in their workshop in Auburn. Throughout the Inn’s common rooms, as well as in certain of our guest rooms, there are over a dozen pieces of Moser furniture, which is widely appreciated for its natural beauty, simple elegance, comfort and craftsmanship. We encourage you, while you are with us in Maine, to support the many fine artists and artisans who live and create here.

Living Room


Piano Room


Dining Room

Sun Porch