The Innkeepers

Hello! We are Janis and Peter Kesser, the innkeepers of the Camden Maine Stay Inn.

We purchased the Inn from Roberta and Claudio Latanza in February 2018. The Latanzas, natives of Italy, previously owned the Inn since 2008. They are fabulous innkeepers – charming, personable, gracious, imbued with elegance and fine taste, attentive to details and every other superlative that one could imagine for the role of innkeeper. Beyond all that, they are close friends of ours, and their friendship is something that we will always treasure.

Before we were the owners of the Inn, we were guests here for many years. We always stayed at the Inn in July and August at the front and back ends of our family vacations on Monhegan Island – a beautiful, rugged and tranquil island located about 10 miles off the coast. Our family so thoroughly enjoyed our repeated stays at the Inn that, when the Latanzas told us they were going to retire and sell the Inn, we jumped at the opportunity to become the Inn’s new owners and proprietors. Our goal is to continue the legacy of first-class accommodations and service that have been the hallmark of the Latanzas’ and prior owners’ stewardship of the Inn for many years.

Here’s a little bit of background on us: We are, without a doubt, from away. Janis grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Peter was raised in Houston, Texas. Prior to moving to Camden, we lived for over 25 years in Memphis, Tennessee. Before becoming innkeepers, both Janis and Peter practiced law for many years, Janis as a trial attorney and Peter as a business attorney. There are four Kesser children, all daughters, ranging in age from 16 to 26. The oldest lives in New York City, the next one is taking a gap year in Shanghai, China, before heading off to college, and the two younger ones are a senior and sophomore in high school. We are a close, tight-knit and loving family.

We hope and believe that our appreciation and enthusiasm for Maine, Camden and the Inn will both attract guests and, once they are here, rub off on them. Trust us, it is so easy for anyone to fall in love with the beauty, history and traditions of these places – not to mention the scrumptious breakfasts for which the Inn is deservedly so well known. It is not by chance that we have so many repeat guests who make it a point to stay at the Inn year after year after year. After all, we are one of them.

So, please come see us at the Camden Maine Stay Inn. We will welcome you with open arms, our exquisite surroundings, and a commitment to provide you with a truly enjoyable, relaxing and memorable vacation experience.

With warm regards,

Janis and Peter Kesser