Camden Maine Stay Inn - Camden, ME, 04843, United States

Our garden is blooming. Look at our flowers!

At last the Spring has arrived! The trees are finally filled with leaves and our garden is showing lots of flowers and colors. Come and check it out!

View Our beautiful Garden

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Non Paying Guests

Camden Maine Stay Inn is happy to welcome a lot of non paying guests. They have different attitudes, they speak different languages, they use to live in many different ways. But they share just one accomodation, our garden.

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Autumn in Maine

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Maine in Autumn shows its best. The air is crisp, the sky is very often blue and the landscape around is definitely gorgeous. There’s an explosion of colors on the trees: yellow, gold, brown, red, violet leaves mix together to form an unforgettable scenery.

Look at this show along the wonderful Maine coast, around a lake or along a river. You will never forget it.
Camden is the right place to come. Mt. Battie, on the back of the inn, is a place where the Autumn enhances its beauty. Come and enjoy it!

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Winter In Maine

Maine is known everywhere for its beauty but also for its cold winter. The cold in this season is a matter of fact in Maine, but what people should know is that winter here is uncomparably beautiful. The roads are usually very passable and that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the many wonders of a winter in Maine.

Maine is fascinating, and Camden is at the top of its beauty. The landscapes in winter are breathtaking, and there are so many activities that you can practice. The village “where the mountains meet the sea” lets you ski overlooking at the ocean, here you can practice also cross country skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating, ice fishing, ice sailing, snowmobiling and many other activities.

Many restaurants and business remain open keeping Camden a live village all the year long. And don’t forget that lobsters and mussels are as good in winter as they are in summer!

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Wonderful butterfly!

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We were working in the garden (it’s a big one, so it’s a lot of work!) when Roberta saw a wonderful butterfly. Our camera was there and she was able to take these shots. Aren’t they wonderful?

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