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Are you a DIY guy? We have the right place for you!

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If you like to work in your shop, build your own things, fix what doesn’t work or just expand your creativity, or if you are just a lover of old tools you should definitely go to Liberty, ME.

The Liberty Tool Company is the real mecca for all those who love all what is related to “Do It Yourself”. There is an incredible choice of tools of any age, you can easily find what your grandfather used in his shop.

There’s not much else in Liberty, so you won’t have any difficulty finding it. We have no problem with telling you where the store is, we really don’t even need to tell you that it is on the west side of the road – you’ll see it.

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The problem is in adequately describing what they sell. They don’t sell new tools, they don’t sell antique tools, they don’t sell junk – they sell old tools. They also sell old books and some other old stuff, but the focus is definitely tools. You will love it!

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Apple orchards

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Pick up your apples directly from the tree!

You can do it a few miles from the Maine Stay Inn!

In Hope, 6.5 miles form Camden, there are the Apple Orchards It’s a very beautiful place where you can go and pick up your apples fresh to take home. There are several qualities and they’re all very good. While you’re walking in their beautiful fields you can also eat them, and these are free!

So come and enjoy the country side of Maine, it will remain in your heart!

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Lighthouses near Camden

Maine is famous for its lighthouses. Actually more than 60 dot its picturesque coast.

Their importance, in the time of Radar, Loran and GPS is not anymore what it used to be.
But the fashion remains the same. They have always attracted and will always attract people willing to visit them and to see the usually beautiful location.

Camden has at least 4 of them in the near.

  • Camden Lighthouses
  1. The first one is right at the entrance of the harbor, on, which is only accessible by boat. It’s a beautiful view, from a boat or just from the coast.
  2. The second one is the Breakwater Lighthouse, 8 miles south from Camden, in Rockland. There is an amazing walk in the middle of the water on a 7/8-mile-long breakwater. The lighthouse is at the end of it.
  3. The third is the Owl’s Head Lighthouse, 14 miles south of Camden, in Owl’s Head. A beautiful short walk on the edge of the ocean from the parking lot brings you to the wonderful location where the lighthouse is. The view from the top of the little hill where the lighthouse is located is breathtaking.
  4. The fourth is the Marshall Point Lighthouse, 26 miles south of Camden, in Port Clyde. It became recently very well known with the movie Forrest Gump, as this is the location where Tom Hank’s non-ending run finally ends. Apart from this the beauty of the location and the originality of the lighthouse are really unique. There is also a small, but very interesting museum.

Lobster shacks, a great Maine attraction

Have you ever tried a lobster shack? if not please do it.

You don’t know what is a lobster shack? Well, it’s definitely an experience.

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A lobster shack is a very simple place, usually on a beautiful location, where you can enjoy some of the best food available in Maine. They are very often located on the edge of the ocean, they usually have outside wooden tables and chairs where you can enjoy the fresh seafood (usually lobster) .

To sit outside one of this shacks in a warm and sunny day is something you won’t easily forget.
There are three of them near us. They’re all worth a visit.

Waterman’s Beach Lobster, in South Thomaston.
It’s located in the wonderful Saint George Peninsula, south of Rockland (where the Maine Lobster Festival is held every August). You can reach it with a beautiful drive between trees and with great ocean views. This shack is near a rocky beach and has about ten picnic tables scattered around a lawn.

Miller Lobster Co., in Spruce Head.
It’s also located in the Saint George Peninsula. The drive is beautiful as the previous one, and the place is absolutely gorgeous, as it is on a lonesome bay with a small dock where the lobster boats unload their catch. Right on this dock it’s Miller, with nice tables, some shaded.

Young’s Lobster Pound, in Belfast.
Another wonderful place, located right on the water where the Passagassawakeag river meets the ocean. The tables outside are a great place to enjoy your meal with a great view all around.

To eat a lobster roll in a real Maine lobster shack it’s a true, unforgettable experience.

Islesboro is a long, narrow island in Penobscot Bay directly across from the town of Lincolnville. The location of the famous summer colony and yachting center of Dark Harbor, the island hosts a year-round population of lobstermen, carpenters, caretakers, and other professionals.

Penobscot Indians called Islesboro Pitaubegwimenahanuk, meaning “the island that lies between two channels.” Situated in upper Penobscot Bay, the narrow, 14-mile island is the marker between East and West Penobscot Bay. It was part of the Waldo Patent. First called Long Island Plantation, and was settled in 1769. It would be incorporated as Islesborough on January 28, 1789, although over time the spelling was contracted to Islesboro.

With many harbors and coves, the island was home to the largest commercial shipping fleet in the bay during the 19th century. Following the Civil War, however, Islesboro developed as a Gilded Age resort community, and many large summer homes were built by the wealthy. Their large yachts cruised and raced throughout the Gulf of Maine. The town remains a seasonal enclave to many notable residents.

What to see?

  • Sailors’ Memorial Museum, located in the former keepers’ house at Grindle Point Lighthouse.
  • Grindle Point Lighthouse
  • Sprague’s Beach located near Turtle Head
  • Warren Island State Park

For more information please visit the Island Institute page on Islesboro

The Island of Islesboro

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