What Brought Us Here


When our guests check-in and know that we moved from Italy a little more than 3 years ago, many of them ask us the same question “What brought you here?”.

If we feel on the funny side we answer “the plane!”, but of course soon after comes the real answer. If we feel a little more serious (which doesn’t happen so often!) we go directly to the serious answer.

We started travelling in this wonderful country in 1996. Our first trip was to Arizona and California. After that experience we came as tourist almost every summer to explore a different part of the States. Every time the love for this country and its people grew more and more. We always felt at home. And while we were discovering the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the beauty of Louisiana’s bayous and plantation, the incredible Yellowstone NP, the wonders of Arches NP and Bryce Canyon NP, the surprising beauties of the south-western deserts, amazing towns like San Antonio, San Francisco, New Orleans, San Diego etc. we felt the wish to make a change in our life.

Then our vacations brought us to New England, where we really discovered the life we wanted to live. We loved New England at once, its freshness, its relaxed way, the amazing four seasons, the beauty of its landscapes, the smell of its air and… no traffic at all. So we found the place where the dream which grew in Roberta and moved to Claudio could be realized: Maine. It’s impossible to describe the beauty of its coasts, its little towns, its woods, its islands and the splendor of thousands of lakes. And what about the gorgeous summers and the unbelievable Autumn’s colors? You have to experience them to believe them.

So briefly (but probably not so much!) this is why we’re here. And if you want to know more we are here waiting for you!

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